What’s the coldest spot on Earth? NASA has pinpointed it & the nights are deadly

At that point, even gasoline freezes…

If you think a little cold air and snow might bolster your holiday spirits, NASA says it knows the perfect destination for frigid Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

“Looking for the coldest place to spend the holiday season?” the space agency asked in a Facebook post.

“You won’t find anyone else there, but the coldest place we’ve found on Earth (with the help of NASA Earth satellites) is a high ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau.”

Just be sure to bundle up. Temperatures on the ridge “can drop to 135 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero” on winter nights, NASA says.

At that point, even gasoline freezes.

NASA first reported finding the planet’s coldest spot in 2013, and the plateau has continued to hold the dubious honor every year since.

Source: en.protothema.gr