The capital of Cyclades complex, the lady of the Aegean, the elegant Syros is waiting for you in your next vacation. Syros is located in the core of the Cyclades and is full of sightseeing, traditional sweets and beautiful beaches suitable for families.
Hermoupolis, the city of Hermes, the God of trade, seems as if it has been taken out of a fairytale. The whole city is an open-air museum with imposing architecture, cosmopolitan, romantic and bohemian 19th-century mansions and neoclassical buildings.Visit Vaporia with the beautiful houses of shipowners built by the sea, the picturesque Ano Syros and the noble Delagracia.
Syros is famous for its traditional sweets as loukoumi and chalvadopites. You can taste delicious local dishes with louza – marinated pork meat, local sausages with fennel and San Michali cheese.


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