At the feet of Mount Parnassus, we cultivate our privately owned vineyard, having been endowed with years of knowledge, with a view to producing our unique wines by means of love, expertise, and respect to the environment

Here, on Parnassus, we cultivate the vineyard with special care and consideration for the environment. With dedication to the wine culture of our country, and at the same time through modern winemaking methods, we produce quality wines that absolutely represent our special area.

Argyriou Family aims at a constant production of high-quality wines, to which contribute the suitable soil and climatic conditions that prevail in the particular area of Parnassus. Furthermore, at our Wine-Tasting Guest House we are happy to offer the visitor the opportunity to get to know wine through a multitude of events.

In this way, the Argyriou Winery dynamically contributes to the promotion of the wine tradition in the wider region of Parnassus and wine tourism in general.

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