Boris’ near-death sent a shiver up the nation’s spine

There was something about Dominic Raab’s manner that rattled me. He was so subdued, almost shell-shocked. Number 10’s reassurances about the Prime Minister had never really been convincing, but the story written on Mr Raab’s face looked worse still. A few hours later, the Government announced that Boris Johnson had been moved to intensive care. The news came while I was watching stand-up comedy on TV. Suddenly, nothing was funny anymore.

The next day, on the BBC’s World at One, a recovering Covid-19 patient described what it was like to be in intensive care on a pressurised oxygen mask, which is one step before a ventilator. “It would push oxygen down into my throat and down into my chest,” he said. “I was completely alone.” He added: “All these wires around me and sometimes, I kept coming to terms with my own death and that was really frightening.”…









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