Jun 15
5 Beaches near Athens, Perfect for a Summer Dip

Summer’s warmth is steadily becoming palpable, but there’s no need to venture far from the capital to revel in the… As the summer heat intensifies, the beaches of the country grow more bustling by the day. Concurrently, of course, the customary plans for the summer are underway; it is, after all, the season when most […]

Jun 13
Discovering Greece’s Avian Treasures

An Ornithologists paradise. Unique wetland habitats of Greece where you can observe rare bird species Have you ever been moved by the images of wild birds gracefully flying over a lake with a winter sunset in the background? Although it may seem intimidating, birdwatching is a straightforward method to connect with Greece’s untamed nature and […]

Jun 12
TripAdvisor: Which Greek hotels are on the world’s top list for 2023

Which Greek hotels are on the list of the top in Europe. TripAdvisor, after analysing 12 months of review data from verified travellers covering more than 1.5 million hotels worldwide, has announced the world’s best hotels for 2023 in 10 categories. In detail, in the category of the top 25 hotels in the world for […]

Jun 08
Kythnos: The discoveries in the Acropolis of the ancient city of Kythnos

The work of the last period focused on the excavation of the Acropolis buildings that had come to light during 2021. The recent excavation research of the Acropolis of the ancient city of Kythnos (today’s “Vryokastro”), a collaborative project of the Department of Archeology of the Department of History, Archeology & Social Anthropology of the […]

Jun 02
Greek Luxury resort 3rd best in the world, according to TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2023

It is in Corfu Ikos Dassia in Corfu was voted the 3rd best luxury resort by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice. It is a new 5-star resort, built in a luxurious, contemporary Mediterranean style, located on the beachfront setting of Dassia Beach, on Corfu Island, with its own long sandy beach. Ikos Dassia applies the highest standards […]

May 31
The Chinese Communist Party’s secret projects in the US: What is going on? – Analysis

Two Chinese companies are on the verge of building two new battery manufacturing facilities in Michigan… In 2018, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) celebrated “Michigan-China Week” to highlight the growing economic ties between Michigan and China. At the time, Michigan already had more than 300 Chinese companies located in the state, with more than $4 […]

May 26
Elections 2023 – The new government swears in & gets to work (photos)

Immediately after, a cabinet meeting will follow With a voluminous file, which contains important elements such as the summary presentation of the ministries and the results of the presidency of the government, the government policy plan for 2023, an overall note with the country’s international obligations as well as the critical operational milestones of the […]

May 25
Microsoft says China installed malware in US systems in Guam

Custom tools help them set up a command and control channel through a proxy that keeps their info secret China may have conducted digital espionage against the US’ Pacific interests. Microsoft and the National Security Agency (NSA) have revealed that an alleged state-sponsored Chinese hacking group, Volt Typhoon, installed surveillance malware in “critical” systems on […]

May 24
The most impressive waterparks in Greece

Diving and playing all day at 15 exciting and adventurous water parks all over Greece The Greek summer has become synonymous with dreamy beaches with crystal-clear waters; swimming, diving, playing on sandy beaches, doing water sports, and sunbathing, all of those activities are tempting for Greeks and tourists alike. But some – especially the younger […]

May 17
Byzantine Art | Athens | To May 31

Polykleitos Rengos (1903-1984) is the subject of an exhibition at the Byzantine Museum ( that casts light on his important contribution to the reintroduction of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine tradition in religious painting. Among other significant monuments that he helped decorate, thus establishing the continuity of Byzantine art, is the Church of Agios Dimitrios in […]