May 03
What did Ancient Greece really look like? A visual tour (video)

The ancient civilization of Greece is a historical period that has long been a subject of fascination and intrigue. Known for its legendary gods and heroes, impressive feats of architecture, and influential contributions to philosophy and art, ancient Greece has left an indelible mark on Western culture. Despite the passing of centuries, the legacy of ancient Greece continues to resonate […]

Apr 29
Escape to seaside hideaway on the sophisticated Athens Riviera of Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel with 20% off Bed and Breakfast rate

On the sophisticated Athens Riviera, at the tip of a pine-clad peninsula, Four Seasons offers the best of both worlds: a laid-back seaside escape just 30 minutes from the historical city centre. Save 20% & discover the wonders of ancient civilization. Learn more here.

Apr 26
Marvel Universe’s Loki in Greece (photo)

Thom Hiddleston, the Hollywood star who gained international fame portraying Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), was spotted at a taverna in Nafprion, Greece. The staff and patrons of the “Bunos Psarosavouras” fish restaurant in Nafplion had an unexpected surprise when the famous British actor made an appearance in their shop. In a picture […]

Apr 21
Airports do better in March

Passenger traffic at the 14 largest airports outside of Athens – operated by Fraport Greece – showed a slight decrease in the first quarter of this year compared to the corresponding period in 2019. However, March data showed an increase compared to the same month of record year 2019, while compared to March and the […]

Apr 19
Meteora: Ascending to Greece’s Spiritual Heights

In the enigmatic embrace of Thessaly’s rugged landscape, the monasteries of Meteora defy gravity, soaring towards the heavens on colossal stone pillars. Imbued with an ethereal mystique, these ancient sanctuaries whisper tales of hermetic monks, spiritual seekers, and intrepid travelers.   Explore Meteora’s wonders, seeking solace in its solitude and delving into its mysteries. As the […]

Apr 18
What not to Miss in the Region of Lasithi, Crete

Many of the visitors to the luxury 5 star resorts on the coast may move no further than from the bedroom to the private plunge pool which is a shame as the province of Lasithi has many cultural diversions worth making a detour for. From the ancients to foreign invaders, the people who lived and […]

Apr 13
Tzoumerka, Greece: A Winter Destination of Magical Beauty (photos)

Stone villages, exceptional natural landscapes ideal for outdoor activities, and mouthwatering Epirot cuisine Fir-topped paths, alpine landscapes, cool, crystalline waters that pour from stone fountains, cobbled old-fashioned squares and impressive waterfalls are just a few of the many reasons why we were so excited to visit Tzoumerka. We contacted Αvis through its website and found […]

Apr 13
Easter Rituals on the Cycladic Island of Tinos

Tinos, a captivating Cycladic island, is renowned for its enduring religious customs and ceremonies during Holy Week. Both Orthodox and Catholic traditions flourish here, with the “Common Table of Love” epitomizing harmony and brotherhood.   Religious fervor runs deep on Tinos, where Easter is observed with reverence. Ancient traditions persist as Orthodox and Catholic communities coexist harmoniously, their […]

Apr 11
Package for island move

There will be a financial incentive of an additional 1,800 euros added to the wages of doctors who choose to work outside urban centers and move to the islands, according to Health Minister Thanos Plevris.   “It is a huge incentive,” the minister told state broadcaster ERT, adding that the move will cover areas when […]

Apr 06
Your Guide to the Historical Center of Athens

Athens is a modern metropolis pulsating with life, where the inescapable history of one of the oldest cities on Earth embraces the present at every turn. Visitors will be drawn here to see the ancient monuments on the Acropolis and the surrounding archaeological sites. But, don’t be fooled, this is a busy, bustling town that […]