Arachova Travel

Arachova, a cosmopolitan destination with a strong traditional character, is built at the foot of
Mount Parnassos and “captivates” its visitors all year round.
Arachova is synonymous with the intense nightlife and the good traditional food, especially in
the winter months, with a large number of visitors swarming for skiing and winter sports on
the snowy slopes of the Parnassos ski resort and for the frenzied all-day and night parties at
the nightclubs of the region.
The central square, Lakka, is where the heart of the mountain town hits, as there you will
find plenty of cafes, bars and nightclubs to enjoy your coffee or drink, in their warm interior
during the winter or under the cool breeze of the trees in the summertime. Walk through its
picturesque cobblestone streets, admire the area’s “landmark” – the Arachova Clock – that
has stood in this position for over 150 years and climb the 264 steps that lead to St.
George’s Church to enjoy the magnificent view.
Visit the Folklore Museum of Arachova where samples of folk tradition and especially textile
art -which flourished significantly in the area- are preserved. Stay in traditional hostels,
wooden chalets, apartments for rent or large luxury hotels and organize your sorties in the
surrounding area. Visit the historical Delphi, the “navel of the earth” as the ancient Greeks
called the area, with its historic oracle and the mythical Pythia with its anchors, just 12 km
from Arachova, while for more remote excursions, 30 km away in the village of Stiri Boeotia,
there is the the Monastery of Saint Loukas, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and just
20 minutes by car is Agoriani, a breathtaking and fairytale-like landscape of lush olive groves
and waterfalls.
Taste the traditional Rumeli cuisine with delicious local delicacies, such as the leek sausage,
the lamb sausages, the mutton soup, the roast and traditional pies, handmade noodles as
well as traditional seafood delicacies. Although Arachova is better known as the “Mykonos of
winter”, the destination is also indicated for the summertime with the magnificent beaches of
Galaxidi, Itea and Antikira within close reach. For the most active ones, Arachova offers a
plethora of activities all year round, such as horseback riding, hiking, cycling and cave
exploration in an unparalleled natural beauty. Explore the “noblewoman” of Parnassos and
live an unforgettable experience.


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