Arachova - The spring "festival" of the senses

The “awakening” of nature, finds Arachova, the “Noblewoman of Parnassos” in her best. Now is the time to enjoy the coolness and tranquility of nature
she slowly takes off her off-white veil to dress in the vibrant colors of Spring.

Now is the time for Arachova to reveal its most traditional side, the
its customs that strongly resist the friction of time and is a paradise
on land for lovers of mountain hiking, cycling of all kinds, of
motor sports and outdoor activities that raise the
adrenaline soaring. For parents with their children, who come to live one
authentic Roumeliotiko Easter in nature. For couples looking to
“Reborn” in the sensory landscape of Parnassos.

Its picturesque streets are “filled” with birds chirping and the clock, high in
rock, “bathed” in the soft sunlight. The cafes open their doors and
They spread their tables in the paved square “Lakka” under the rich
shade of the trees and the cool “breath” of the still snowy Parnassos.
Choose large luxury hotels, beautiful wooden chalets and traditional ones
hostels and plan your spring excursions on the mountain of Apollo.
A single weekend is not enough to see and experience it all.

Enjoy the view

Start your day with a walk in the area, which in Spring looks like a painting
Borelli. Climb its cobbled streets, between traditional houses
which keep the authentic Roumeliotiki architecture unchanged, to
Cliff with the Clock – a trademark and climb the 264 steps or
Transverse, as it is otherwise called, leading to the Holy Temple of Agios Georgios with the wonderful view. Make a stop at the old elementary school, which operates Folklore museum. Get to know the agricultural tools used by the inhabitants.

In the old days, learn the history of the area through documents and photos and admire the famous Arachovite textiles and embroideries that women made with their loom.

“Free” mind and body

Put on hiking boots, grab a walking stick and explore the trails on foot.
of Parnassos, still enjoy snowy routes, enjoying a unique view to the sea. Go mountain and road bike, mountain downhill, paragliding, swimming and diving. Gallop with horses among the firs. Activities for each tastes that “excite” your senses to the fullest.

Look, among the green meadows, for the firs, the plane trees, the chestnuts and the walnuts of the National Park, the beautiful Parnassian Peony with the rare color of which blooms at this time, only here, on the favorite mountain of Apollo. Starting from Arachova or Livadi, follow paths that will lead you at the Navel of the Earth – Delphi, in the cave precipice Eptastomos, the southernmost glacier of Europe, in Korykeion Cave, once “home” of divine spirits, dedicated to the god Pan and the Nymphs, in its impressive cave Fairy Cave or climb with your climbing equipment in beautiful alpine
mountain peaks.

Roll on snow-free mountain bike trails and descend steeply slopes with downhill bike, pigs and enduro machines. Fly paragliding from Arachova to Itea, admiring the beauties of the area from above. If you like diving, in Itea you can discover the submarines “Treasures” of the Corinthian Gulf all year round. With the snow still on the slopes of Parnassos, go up to it largest and most modern Ski Center in the country, for the latest slalom of the year. In the two locations of Kelaria and Fterolakas with the 23 tracks, 7 ski trails and 7 trails, with a total length of about 34 km and 12 outside its track routes. Especially in the Cellars, due to the morphology of the soil, the snow
remains longer, even until May, some years.

Try a snowmobile ride around ski or mountain skiing (mountain skiing) to
highest peak of the mountain, Liakoura. Parnassos is one of the most “friendly” mountains for such activities as it has no avalanches and the
ski resort meets very high safety standards. Combine the descent on its slopes with spring baths on the nearby beaches, of Antikyra, the White Houses, Itea or Galaxidi.

Take a trip to the beautiful picturesque villages … of Livadi and Agoriani with the green landscapes, full of plane trees and
running water. Descend to the seaside Galaxidi, with its history
captain’s houses and the sundial. Browse the standard state of the Whites
of houses with their beautiful beach and in the picturesque port of Antikyra.

Take a tour of history and culture

From ancient times Parnassos carries a “sacred power”. It was their refuge
people in the mythical flood of Deucalion and became his favorite mountain god Apollo. At ten kilometers from Arachova, in Delphi, there are
still the ruins of his oracle with the temple, the ancient theater and the stadium where. There were music and sports games during the Pythian celebrations. The spring is ideal time to tour the archeological site as well as its exhibits Archaeological Museum of Delphi, with the most popular being the statue of Iniochos.

From the ancient oracles you can easily pass to the Byzantine immersion of
monasteries. From Arachova drive east, to reach in 25 minutes, at
Monastery of Osios Loukas of unparalleled aesthetics in Steiri, World Monument UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. Admire its unique large dome church of the monastery, which is supported by small arches creating one octagonal space and browse the Bank of the Monastery which functions as a museum with the collection of sculptures of Osios Loukas.

Descend to Distomo, to get to know the whole history of the Phocians
of cities, through his Archaeological Collection. That is, of Ambrosos, as it was called Distomo, Medeona, Karakolithos, Antikyra and Voulida, through
tombstones, ceramics and other finds. Discover its tragic story Distomo, which is a city of martyrdom. Visit the museum of its victims Nazism and pay tribute to the innocent victims of the horrors of war creates.

Experience unique Easter traditions

Take part in a unique custom that is revived every year in the area and live
like a real Arachovite. The “festival” is a special celebration that starts from
eve of St. George and lasts three days. It could be characterized a celebration of reunion of the ubiquitous Arachovites, as well as wherever
are returning these days to participate in it. About 2000 people, locals and visitors, dress in traditional costumes: sigounia, fustanela
and a simpler garment, the kamzola. They accompany the icon of Agios Georgios, in roam the streets of Arachova, roast lamb on a spit like Easter and participate in sports. Young, old and children indulge in jumping, running and stoning. Try wearing a skirt to jump in height and you will
Do you understand why the celebration is on the list of 100 things to do?
someone to do before he dies.

On Easter day, the whole area looks like it is burning with smoke. The locals
they dig pits and there bake the traditional spear. And if you happen to pass by there, you will taste the authentic hospitality of the Arachovites.
Travel to its unique Roumeli flavors. Spit roasts, lamb chops and kokoretsi have their place of honor in the spring in Arachova but also in the surrounding picturesque villages. Enjoy them by combining them with
fragrant herbal pies and definitely, the special for its taste, formaela cheese in all its versions. Accompany with bruschetta arachovite wine and for dessert choose yogurt with honey, halva or pastries. Before embarking on your return journey, take something from Arachova with you. You
you choose what it will be. It can be one of the famous Arachovite cheeses, the handmade noodles and trachanas, the famous textiles that stand out for them color and pattern combinations.

But do not leave without the numerous experiences
which he generously gives and every time you return he will fill you with more.