The sister of Alexander the Great gave her name and her beauty to the most rich in experience city in the north of Greece. A vivid city, with a special style and color, inhabited for 2,300 years.

An open museum with many historical, religious monuments, works of art and culture.

Countless options for accommodation and entertainment, beautiful beaches and many activities. In Thessaloniki you will never get bored, no matter how many times you visit it.

Walk from Aristotelous Square to the White Tower, the city’s emblem, located in the middle of the old – with the many cafes – and the new beach, with the well-known “Umbrellas” of Zongolopoulos. Make an appointment at the gallery of Galerius – also known as the “arch” and explore the city from end to end.

Visit the Rotunda, the church of Agios Dimitrios, the Geni Mosque and go up to Ano Poli.

There you will find many UNESCO monuments, such as the Byzantine Bath and the monastery of Vlatada with amazing views throughout the city.

Dive into the crystal clear seas of Thermaikos Gulf, Perea, Neos Epivates, Agia Triada and Epanomi.

Choose taverns with live Greek music in order to enjoy delicious meals, pies with Pontian perek leaf, bougatsa with savory or sweet filling as well as donuts with honey and cinnamon.

Dance to the rhythm you like in the numerous bars and clubs located in Ladadika, Paralia, Aristotelous Square and Ano Poli or try your luck at the casino.

Enjoy a glass of wine at nearby Epanomi and Vertisk wineries.

Visit the areas where the Apostle Paul preached the word of God and observe birds in the Delta of Axios and Aliakmonas and in the wetland of Angelochori.

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