During the preoperative phase, always in collaboration with the competent doctor, the staff of our company have to explain to the patient exactly the technical procedures, the recovery time, as well as the levels of functionality that they can to be achieved by completing the process.

The second stage of recovery, or postoperative phase, is the time between surgery and the application of an artificial limb. During this time the patient is in constant contact with F-Med staff, following the care instructions given to him. As the swelling subsides, our priority is to shape the correct stump (residual limb) so that the artificial prosthetic limb can be applied properly.

Once the swelling of the stump has subsided, we are ready to proceed with the construction of the permanent artificial limb, the scientific collaborator of F-Med in collaboration with the patient will construct the most appropriate intention to offer him comfortable walking and safe support, in all his daily activities and at the same time an aesthetic result.

Completing the construction of the artificial limb, we are called to train the patient in a correct and disciplined walk with the prosthetic limb. Proper training will give the patient a walk without restrictions, almost exactly like before.


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