If, to quote the viral TikTok video that’s doing the rounds, you’re in the house bored, then it may be time you acquainted yourself with Instagram’s newest viral sensation, #PillowChallenge.

The social media challenge involves styling out a pillow of your choice and cinching in the waist with a chunky belt. Business in the front and a decidedly nude party in the back.


All that’s required is that you take a mirror selfie of your pillow attire and tag #PillowChallenge– which has already amassed an impressive 169,000 posts on Instagram.


The #PillowChallenge gained traction on April 5, when the content creator duo @styledbynelli and @myforteisfashion posted images of themselves sporting a pink and blue pillow respectively. The pair cinched their pillows with a belt at the waist, elevated their looks with accompanying accessories, and proceeded to challenge their followers to create their takes on their comfy trend. A few days later, and hundreds had followed suit and shared images of their own stylistic takes on the challenge.


That’s right, it’s time to ditch the faithful age-old sweats and whip your pillow off your bed and onto your bod. You’ve worn underwear as outerwear and now it’s time to involve your bedspread into your outfit.

“Following the rise of fun social media challenges such as the #quarantinepillowchallenge, fashion lovers are using this time at home to let their creativity run wild,” says fashion platform Lyst‘s Insight Reporter Morgane La Caer, which has noted a 17 per cent increase in searches for belts since the #PillowChallenge took hold.

And it’s not just fashion. From the #DontRush TikTok Challenge – which encourages groups of friends to stay connected by orchestrating beauty videos – to the Run for Heroes movement which requires Instagram users to run 5 kilometres, donate £5 to the NHS and nominate 5 other people to do the same; it would seem that the creativity of social media users knows no bounds, as everybody attempts to keep the boredom at bay.

But for those of you who are all of a sudden finding your tracksuits so yesterday (we’re looking at you, Anna Wintour) or you’re looking to switch up your lockdown look, here’s what you’ll need to nail the #PillowChallenge.


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