5 essential spring Arachova experiences

Arachova, the renowned skiing attraction in the Boetia region, northwest of Athens, is often referred to as the Winter Mykonos, but this is probably an unfair description as the popular mountain town, modern, cosmopolitan, luxurious and lively, manages to balance its commercial tourism-related side with mountain tradition. This tradition continues to deliver superb local products and maintain, in the non-winter months, the leisurely pace of a picturesque Greek village.


Most travellers prefer to visit Arachova in the winter, when the snow has covered Mount Parnassos and the local ski resort is buzzing. Arachova undergoes a major transformation in the spring, becoming a warmer, friendlier town filled with nature’s aromas. The village acquires fresh charm, from one end of its main road to the other, and the nights are sweeter. The morning hours at this time of year are also pleasant, filled with sunlight that brightens the mood and encourages wider exploration of the surrounding area.

See the town’s renowned attractions

The Arachova clock tower is an imposing feature along the town’s winding main road, a stretch offering a view of the magical Delphi valley on one side, and lined, on the other side, with stylish restaurants and bars.

Arachova’s iconic clock tower is always there, giving the comforting impression that it can be visited at any time. But, ultimately, as is the case with the Acropolis for Athenians and the Eifel Tower for Parisians, this is seldom done. Spring is the perfect time to climb the clock tower’s spiral staircase all the way to the top, to take in the fresh air, enjoy the panoramic view, and take impressive snap shots.

Then, return to the village centre and head up to Agios Georgios church. A total of 265 steps need to be climbed to reach the church. Should you run out of steam along the way, a small children’s playground at the halfway mark, on the right hand side, is an ideal resting point. It features a backdrop of roofs and chimneys, smoke-free at this time of the year, but still a charming traditional setting.

Having reached the top, enjoy the surrounding nature, one of the region’s most picturesque spots. If preferring to take a different route back down, paths at the back of the village offer an alternative, while also enabling more thorough exploration of the village.

Visit Delphi

If intending to visit Arachova soon, arrange, if possible, to stay for at least two to three days to give yourselves time to explore fascinating destinations nearby.

Delphi, the celebrated ancient site that has retained its sense of mysticism over the ages, is located just a 20-minute drive from Arachova, adding an important historical and cultural dimension to your visit.

Definitely visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum and see the most renowned archaeological discovery of the wider region, the superb Charioteer of Delphi (Heniokhos), a life-size statue of a chariot driver. Also marvel at the Sphinx of Naxos, a large sculpture offered, in the 6th century BC, by the people of the island Naxos to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

In addition, this is the best time to visit the ancient theatre of Delphi to enjoy the greenery and blossoming nature at a sacred and pivotal spot for culture in the Hellenic world during antiquity.

Excursion to Agoriani

Agoriani, one of the loveliest villages at the foot of Mount Parnassos, just 25 km from Arachova and far quieter and calmer, is ideal to visit beyond the winter season.

Begin your walk in Agoriani from the main square with the stone tap and towering plane trees, offering plenty of shade during hot days. Agoriani may be regarded as a winter destination, but its bright mornings and balmy nights in spring make this season the most appropriate and pleasant for exploring the village alleys and walking alongside the creeks.

Nature lovers must head to Vasiliki, the renowned fountain with drinking water, at a magical setting of unadulterated beauty. Visitors should also try some of the fine local meat at the village’s traditional tavernas, which set alight their charcoal grills early and set tables at the square.

Relaxation at tables set outside

If preferring to return to Arachova for a meal and dinner time happens to coincide with sunset, then don’t skip the opportunity to dine at Scala Up For Food, a relatively recent restaurant launched last autumn.

Scala Up For Food, by the steps heading up to Agios Georgios church, is tucked away at a lovely spot on a small paved alley, detached from the hustle and bustle of popular Arachova.

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